About Us

The Wimberley Village Thrift Store is a non-profit thrift retail store that supports local charities. There are 3 buildings that make up the Village Store including the Main Store, the Boutique, and the Builder's Barn. Throughout the three facilities shoppers can find a large selection of vintage items, clothing, furniture, construction materials, and so much more!


Get Involved


The Wimberley Village Thrift Store is happy to accept donations from the community. Please call us if you need clarification on what items we do/do not accept.


The Wimberley Village Thrift Store is run by wonderful volunteers. Each volunteer is able to select a charity for which they would like to donate their hours. These charities benefit financially for each hour worked by volunteers. Please call to learn more about becoming a volunteer!


The Wimberley Village Thrift Store welcomes shoppers from all over the greater Wimberley area. We offer a large variety of items at reasonable prices that can fit any budget! Come take a look!